What is a green tea mattress?

What is a green tea mattress? If you haven’t heard much about green tea mattresses, all sorts of ideas might be running through your mind. This article will work to clear up any misconceptions and questions that you may have about green tea mattresses.



What Is It?

The green tea mattress actually does incorporate green tea, by infusing green tea extract and castor seed oil into the mattress. This works to prevent odors and bacteria from making a home inside your mattress. The most popular green tea mattresses are made by Zinus, and they are typically made using memory foam. A 12” green tea-infused, queen-size mattress from Zinus runs about $289 on Amazon.

New shipping technology allows mattresses from many different brands to ship quickly and affordably since they can now be rolled and highly-compressed. When the mattress arrives, it will be rolled up in a tube shape. All you have to do is cut off the packing cover and lay it out on your bed frame. In a few minutes it will rise back up to its original shape.



Why Green Tea?

Green tea is known for its antibacterial and odor-fighting properties. When infused in the mattress materials, it will help keep your mattress smelling and feeling fresh. Green tea and a mix of other oils will actually last a long time. While you won’t necessarily be able to smell green tea or any of the other oils infused into the mattress, they will be doing their job.

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What Are The Benefits?

Green tea in itself will not make one bed any more comfortable than any other. While you may have initially just thought of it as a marketing gimmick, green tea-infused mattresses are known to ward off odors and bacteria. You should still do your research regarding price, materials, and the maker of the mattress you’re looking at. Ensure that whatever you choose is still going to be a comfortable bed to sleep on.

In addition to the green tea that mattress companies will tout, the mattress will also be infused with one or more other oils, so make sure to read the description to see what those are. All of the oils will have some sort of odor-fighting or bacteria-preventing benefit. This is to improve hygiene and extend the life of your mattress.

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Does It Cost More?

While some mattress makers may leverage the green tea craze and use it to get you in the door, they cannot justify charging more just because a mattress is infused with green tea or any other oil. Again, comfort is important and that will likely be your deciding factor. While green tea is being infused into all sorts of mattresses across the spectrum, you shouldn’t plan on paying more just to get a green tea-infused mattress.


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